Middle East Smackdown

Middle East Smackdown

Middle East Smackdown is a 2-4 strategy board game set in the middle east. Players take control of the USA, Isreal, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Lebenon for the final conflict in the middle east. Terrorists sponsored by Iran and Syria have pushed the US too far and now it is full scale war. The US and its allies are now out to conquer Iran and Syria completely. They have overwhelming technological superiority and the best trained troops in the world. But Iran has some good defensive ground, lots of men for canon fodder, militant groups, terrorist insurgents and its most potent asset of all, the liberal politicians within the US house and senate. Can Iran manipulate the media and its liberal allies to get Congress to cut funding from the US military in order to stave off conquest and win the war? Can the US military complete the war with the forces it has in the fields if funding does get cut?

Middle East Combat Comes with:

1) 3 piece 16.5" x 31.5" full color game map.
2) 432 cut-out full color game counters on chipboard.
3) Game Rules
4) 1 Six Sided Die.

Middle East Smackdown
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Middle East Smackdown Game Map

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07/31/07   Been a while, but at long last the G-Spot Games web site has been revamped. With lots of forthcoming products spewing forth from our twisted minds, we thought our site should be more clear. Easier to understand exactly what we have going on.

07/28/07   Middle East Smackdown joins the ranks of G-Spot's games. This 2-4 player games lets the US and Israeli players try and lay the smackdown on Syria, Lebonon and Iran. But will the US Congress cut support for your troops and make your war difficult to impossible to win? Click Here for details.

05/15/06   The streets of LA come to life in this strategy war game that pits all your favorite gangs in a bloody struggle for control of the city. Pick between the Bloods, Cyrpts, Latin Kings, Hells Angels and the Mafia in this 2-5 player board game Click Here for details.

02/12/05   G-Spot Games is happy to release its first board game, Porn Masters. A 2-4 player game that lets players compete to see who will become the king of the porn industry. Turn a buck any way you dare, but watch out of the cops, they'll bust you if you get caught running an illegal business. Click Here for details.

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Crack Whore: The Board Game:    All your favorite whores and perhaps a few more come back in the board game version of our popular game, Crack Whore: Solitaire Adventure Dice Game. Same theme, escape the streets. Only now you have a whole city (game board) to work, multiple pimps, under cover cops, educational options, honest employment and the dreaded pitfall of crack houses.

Prison Bitch: Cell Block B:    Everyone's favorite prison satire returns with four all new character decks. Fully compatible with our first four Prison Bitch characters (now repackaged as Cell Block A).

Prison Cunt: Cell Block A:    While everyone has had a blast fighting it out to see who will be the biggest bad ass in the guys prison, we thought we would change things up a bit and let you play the toughest cunts in the womens prisons as well.

Dictators:    Nope, we haven't forgotten this gem. Its still in the works and requires more play testing. But rest assured, you will be able to take control of some two bit countries and be as ruthless and cruel to your people as you dare in your quest for a few tiny scraps of regional power.

Towel Heads: Total Jihad:    The expandable card game that let's everyone head up their own terrorist organization and lead their own Jihad against the rest of the world. But watch out, some of those nations might just stomp your ass. Build your own deck of terrorists, militant groups, political options and nations to customize your strategy for world Jihad.

Threshhold. A Game of Daring Exploits for Couples:    Get a couple of couples together for some fun. This simple card game allows couples to compete to see who will be the most outgoing, more daring and most willing to experiment. Do what the cards ask of you and rack up points.

Prison Bitch Miniatures Game    A different twist on prison gangs. Battle it out on a strategic map of Cell Block A using the same tough guys and thugs from our controversial Prison Bitch Card Game.

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